Customers first. Be humble. Do what is right. Be extraordinary. Move forward. These Northwest Ways are at the core of everything we do here at Northwest. Every year, there are teammates that go beyond extraordinary in every way, and we enjoy celebrating them and their success. These teammates rose to the occasion throughout the year, whether internally within their department or externally with their Northwest customers. And this is why their teams have selected them as the Northwest Teammate of the Year! Congratulations to all the winners, and we appreciate all the extraordinary experiences you have created!


Northwest Announces the Quality Assurance Team of the Year

Northwest Announces the Quality Assurance Team of the Year

With our mission to create healthier living and working environments, every Northwest team strives to make a difference for their customers through innovative green services and extraordinary care. To ensure this standard of service is achieved, each of our Northwest...

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Our Service Center Managers and Teammates selected a teammate from their team that they felt was truly extraordinary in 2021. Our goal as a Northwest team is to live and work by the Northwest Way and our 24 Service Standards – to provide each customer with the ‘Customer for Life’ experience! Below you will be able to get a small glimpse into what makes them extraordinary and see why they were each Service Center’s chosen Teammate of the Year.

Congratulations to the 2021 Teammates of the Year!

Hunter Thacker

Hunter Thacker

Acworth, GA

Hunter joined the Northwest family in September 2020 as a Service Technician and has since taken the responsibility of assisting the Sales Inspectors and partners in the area with pretreats and post construction treatments. He has been an asset to the team throughout his short time here. A reason Hunter has been so successful is his ability to manage time well and is able to handle heavy workloads.

Hunter takes pride in exhibiting characteristics of being a Northwest Brand Leader. He was even complemented by the Department of Agriculture for possessing professionalism and representing Northwest well.

Hunter may come off as being quiet, but he is one of the biggest pranksters in the office and it seems only a few people may know this.

“Thank you for your dedication, hard work, time management and willingness to take on whatever is thrown your way.” – Jody Allred, Service Center Manager

Steve Koski

Steve Koski

Alpharetta, GA

Steve has been apart of the Northwest Family for only a year but has shown that he is up to the challenge and is always willing to help. Starting out as a Route Support Technician, he recently got promoted to Universal Pest Professional.

Steve has shown that he is a great leader, even without a title, and he is the epitome of the service standard, WOW with Pride and Professionalism. He consistently goes above and beyond for his customers and teammates. Steve takes pride in his work truck and ensures it is always spotless.

Steve loves baseball and has been umpiring for the past 30 years.

“One way or another I know Steve will get the job done.” – Chris Paddock, Service Center Manager

Dustin Pinion

Dustin Pinion

Augusta, GA

Dustin began at Northwest three years ago as a Termite Service Representative and was promoted in 2020 to a Universal Pest Professional. He is known for exemplifying the Northwest Way and always finding ways to overcome any challenges that arise. He embodies the service standard, Keep the Customer. He is always excited to tell stories about the customers that he was able to service and how he helped them.

“Dusty is a team player and puts his nose to the grindstone to take the very best care of his customers.” – Ryan Adams, Service Center Manager

Joan Warren

Joan Warren

Buford, GA

Joan has been a Customer Service Representative at Northwest for 21 years and will be retiring January 27, 2022. Joan has been an outstanding teammate and she has stood out due to her hard work and commitment to excellence. She is a great mentor and friend to others and is a great asset to the office.

Joan exemplifies the service standard, Do What is Right. She is very big on Northwest culture and in doing what is right. She lives this in her personal life as well and always has the mindset to treat people the way you want to be treated.

Joan loves to laugh and have fun at work. She is also a fan of Mexican food and anything chocolate.

“Joan is an outstanding employee and coworker who exemplifies all that is good about Northwest. We want to thank you for all the hard work, dedication, and endless patience, your great attitude and determination. You are a true star! Thank you for the thousands of laughs through the years. You will be missed dearly, as you embark on your retirement and a new journey. I hope you enjoy every minute of it. YOU deserve it!” – Leigh Ann Browning, Office Manager

Marty Stadler

Marty Stadler

Burlington, NC

Marty started working for Sawyer Exterminating in 2015 as a Service Technician, introducing a new service to Sawyer customers. He continues his role with Northwest, after the acquisition and recently transitioned to Realtor Relations & Market Development Specialist where he has been extremely successful and effective. Marty volunteered to place Sawyer Exterminating under his license and is currently our Licensee.

Marty has been supportive of the growth and change that comes from an acquisition and is never in a bad mood and is continuously energizing the atmosphere around him. He embodies all the service standards, but the one he shows the most is the Be Humble standard. He excels in knowing we are in the people business and is naturally kind, compassionate and truly cares about who he meets.

Marty was a linebacker in college and if you know him then you can only imagine him apologizing to those he tackled.

“He is extremely motivated to make sure Sawyer and Northwest succeed and truly has a passion, like no other that I know, to develop business relationships. Marty is the nicest guy I know.” – Tommy Hebert, Service Center Manager

Sean LaBarbera

Sean LaBarbera

Canton, GA

Sean has been with Northwest for three years and has since been promoted to Route Support Techinician. He exhibits all the Northwest ways and has a very strong work ethic and strives to perform extraordinary customer service. He is courteous to everyone he encounters and has built strong relationships with the entire team.

Sean possesses characteristics from each service standard, but the one he exhibits the most is Servant’s Heart. He is always willing to help the team and it doesn’t matter who it is he helps. Sean is willing to assist the many teams we have around the office.

“Sean always has a positive attitude and is a team player.” – Kyle Kilgore, Service Center Manager

Lee Denney

Lee Denney

Carrollton, GA

Lee is a Service Technician and has been with Northwest for a year and a half. He has already shown how much he truly cares for others and how he conducts business. He is appreciated and respected by everyone he meets.

Lee exhibits the Value People service standard. He always puts everyone ahead of himself and treats everyone with kindness and respect. He has invested so much time into everyone he works with and trains and has created lasting relationships with them.

“Lee is a manager’s dream; hardworking, capable, confident, willing and all with a positive attitude.  He has taken the lead on not only termite work here in Carrollton but leads our Crawl Space Solutions team and positively embraces the challenge.  Carrollton’s crawl space work is difficult at best but day after day Lee has proven to be one the Carrollton team can depend on regardless of what is being asked of him.  He cares for his fellow teammates and invests his time and energy into the development of others. He is a well-respected, valued and appreciated member of the Carrollton team.” – Todd Pepple, Service Center Manger

The Wildlife Team

The Wildlife Team

Columbus, GA

The Columbus Wildlife Team was chosen because each day they show up with the intent of completing all jobs the correct way. Our customers are always confident in our wildlife team and that they can always take care of their requests.

The team exhibits the service standard, Keep the Customer. They are always prioritizing customers from the very first time they meet and assist that customer. The team strives to do a job thoroughly every time they step foot on that customer’s property. The team is always so willing to go the extra mile for all customers to make sure they are taken care of.

“This team of guys shows up each day with great attitudes and a great work ethic! There is a lot of positive buzz from around our region about these guys and the work that they do! Our success and growth of this wildlife department depends greatly on these individuals, and they respond each day by showing that they are capable of not only getting the job done, but getting the job done RIGHT! We are very proud of this team!” – Joshua Arnold, Service Center Manager

Tyler McPhee

Tyler McPhee

Commercial Pest East Cobb, GA

Tyler began his career at the Canton service center in 2019 and transferred to Commercial Pest in 2020 as a Service Technician. Tyler is a great communicator with his customers and teammates and has excelled with the passing program and Listen360 surveys. He is a hard worker and always finishes his route with no complaints.

The service standard that Tyler embodies is the Excel at the Basics. He does all the little things well and his communication is awesome with everyone around him. He never has a negative thing to say and treats everyone with kindness.

“Tyler, thanks for all of your hard work since joining the Commercial Pest Team. You are a great asset to Commercial Pest and the Northwest Exterminating family. Keep up the great work.” – Bryan Teague, Service Center Manager

Derek Foster

Derek Foster

Commercial Pest Tucker, GA

Derek has been with Northwest for nine years and has been a mentor to the Commercial Team. He was recently promoted to Commercial Service Supervisor and was named PCT Magazine’s Commercial Tech of the Year in December 2021. Derek goes above and beyond to create an extraordinary experience for everyone he encounters. He is always putting customers and teammates first and is constantly building valuable relationships.

Derek embodies the service standard, Honor our Customers. He strives to make everyone a “Customer for Life” by building rapport and trust with each customer. He goes above and beyond to make sure they get the experience they deserve and always follows up with them to make sure the visit was satisfactory.

Derek is an avid karaoke singer and is always looking for the next place to show off his talents.

“I wish I had 10 Derek Fosters. Derek enters each day living the Northwest Way. He is all about putting Customers First and building the customer relationships through rapport and great communication. He leads by example and is a huge resource for his team.” – Service Center Manager

Angel Torres

Angel Torres

Corporate-Marietta Office

Angel has been at Northwest since he was an intern in January 2021. His initiative and hard work helped him transition into a full-time position as the IT Helpdesk Analyst. Angel has made a tremendous impact on the department and organization and always goes the extra mile to provide his teammates with an extraordinary experience.

Angel exhibits the service standard, Honor Our Teammates. He always serves others with a smile and is eager to assist and deliver results in a personal and professional way.

“Angel’s can-do attitude and putting the customer first mentality is an example of what Northwest is all about.” – Brian Johnson, Director of IT

Josh Bell

Josh Bell

Cullman, AL

Josh began his career almost 10 years ago with Target Pest Control and has now found himself as a Lead Service Technician at the Cullman office. Josh is one of those teammates that gets the job done, no matter what he must do to complete it.

The service standard that Josh embodies the most is Honor Our Customers. He goes above and beyond for all customers and will fix issues that he comes across, even if they are not a part of what he was originally tasked with. He is continuously putting himself out there for the betterment of others.

Josh loves baseball and year-round he can be found coaching and assisting kids learn the game.

“Josh is one of those teammates that can do anything and if he doesn’t know how he will not only figure it out he will perfect it.” – Zachery Freeman, Service Center Manager

Alyse Giuffre

Alyse Giuffre

Customer Care

Alyse began her Northwest career in 2017 as the Director of First Impressions until 2019 when she pursued other ventures but returned in 2020 as a Customer Care Specialist. Since returning in 2020, Alyse has shown so much growth in her new position and is also a graduate of the Northwest Leadership Program.

Alyse is known for building relationships with her teammates and customers and embodies the service standard, Servant’s Heart. She is always offering to help others and consistently has a positive attitude. She is a rare light in the world and is a pleasure to know.

A fun fact about Alyse is that she has never driven a car.

“She always has a smile on her face and consistently works to make herself better both personally and professionally.” – April Norman, Customer Care Manager

Jason D Williams

Jason D Williams

Dallas, GA

Jason has been with Northwest for over a year and a half as a Service Technician, and he has quickly become a great leader to many. He is a true team player and takes full ownership of his route ensuring they all receive an extraordinary customer experience.

Jason exhibits many service standards, but the one he embodies the most is Excel at the Basics. He believes that we are extraordinary in all that we do by excelling in the ordinary things we can control including our attitude, smile, appearance, driving, kindness, communication and overall effort.

Jason enjoys watching all different kinds of sports and loves the show “The Office”. He also enjoys going camping with his family.

“Jason is a humble and dedicated teammate.  He’s devoted to his family and team and although he can seem quiet at times, he continues to stand out as a strong leader that others can lean on.” – John Davis, Service Center Manager

Yolanda Tate

Yolanda Tate

East Cobb

Yolanda has been a part of the Northwest Family for 17 years and has been the Office Manager for the East Cobb office since 2012. Yolanda has been a rock throughout the past year alone for everyone and has made sure the team stays on track with their everyday ventures.

The service standard that Yolanda possesses the most is Culture. She always has a great attitude, and it reflects in her day to day. She radiates through her team’s growth, and they have a better attitude because of her.

Yolanda enjoys a good weekend brunch and listening to jazz music.

“This has been a very challenging year for a lot of people, one of the many great things about Yolanda is she continues to lead with a servants heart day in and day out.  As I have watched Yolanda grow, I have also watched her team grow with her.” – Billy Casey, Service Center Manager

Grace York

Grace York

Hixson, TN

Grace has been with Northwest for 10 years and began her journey as a Customer Service Representative and worked her way up to Office Manager. She is known as a strong leader and has bettered herself each year. Her teammates claim she embodies all the service standards in some way or another to keep the value alive in the Northwest ways. She is a great example of being a Brand Leader and positively impacts the team to make the days easier.

Grace is a big LSU and New Orleans Saints fan. She also loves snow globes and snowman.

“Grace has come full circle in here personal and work life. She is well respected by her peers and has a strong drive to succeed. I’m very happy to have her on my team leading my office staff.” – Barry Teubert, Service Center Manager

Rob Sullivan

Rob Sullivan

Homewood, AL

Rob has done and exceptional job during the transition from Target to Northwest and has been a great advocate in explaining the transition to customers and making sure their concerns are met. He is currently a Lead Service Technician and has grown a lot in the Northwest Family.

Rob has exhibited the service standard, Value People in more ways than one. He takes the extra time with customers to make sure they feel valued and is always a heling hand to those who need it.

Rob is a huge lover of all thing’s coffee. He is always sure to be found with coffee in hand.

“Rob is a great asset to our team. Rob always put the customer first and takes pride in his work.  During the transition from Target to Northwest, Rob has done an extraordinary job of communicating with the customers to make sure they understand the transition.” – Ben Green, Service Center Manager

Curt Lockhart

Curt Lockhart

Innovation Center

Curt has been a part of the Northwest Family for almost 12 years, and he quickly became a leader amongst the team. Curt was the Lead Service Professional for our Lockheed Martin Base. In March of 2020, he was promoted to Specialty Services Quality Assurance Inspector and Trainer. Curt has taken initiative in 2021 to grow in his personal and professional life. He has consistently worked in to increase his knowledge and as earned multiple certificates to assist him in this role.

The service standard that Curt exhibits the most is Make it Better. He is always looking for opportunities to better serve our customers and team members. He is passionate about what he does and loves to bring better ways to the table. Curt is always ready to share new ideas to make Northwest better every day.

In Curt’s free time he enjoys creating new items in his workshop. He is a talented wood worker, and he enjoys making things for other people.

“Curt is one of the most genuine team members at Northwest.  He lives each of his days with passion and loves to help his fellow team members.  Curt loves to learn and his excitement around his professional development is contagious.” – Adam Vannest, Vice President of Training & Technical Services

Chase Carmichael

Chase Carmichael

Jasper, AL

Chase has been with Northwest for over three years and has been a hard-working addition since starting. He currently performs all termite work for the office including inspections, installs and any crawl space work that needs to be completed.

Chase is an honest teammate that always puts the customer first and values the Northwest Way. He embodies the service standard, Culture. Chase is always in a good mood and has fun doing his job. He cares about his teammates and brings a great attitude each day that gives him flexibility to adapt to any situation he is thrown into at work.

Chase is an enthusiastic dog person and is always looking for more to bring into the family.

“Chase never questions anything that he is asked to do and always thinks about the customer first.” – Kyle McSwain, Service Center Manager

Robert Dorsey

Robert Dorsey

LaGrange, GA

Robert joined the Northwest LaGrange team as a Termite Service Representative and has since been an asset to the team. He looks forward to continuing his career with Northwest. He has recently joined the Complete Crawl Team and has quickly become a Lead Service Technician for that team.

The service standard that Robert embodies the most is Golden Opportunities. Robert always has a good attitude about getting removals and is always viewing them as opportunities to save. They are his time to shine and show the customers the Northwest Difference.

“Robert is a very hard worker and cares for our customers like they were family. He has been very successful in saving Sentricon accounts when he goes out for removals. He is a funny guy and always has his fellow teammates laughing. When there is something, he does not understand, he will stop and ask questions so he can provide the best service and experience that he can.” – Ricky Hancock, Service Center Manager

Crystal Munday

Crystal Munday

Lanier, GA

Crystal is a Customer Service Representative and has been a teammate for over a year now at Northwest. She has helped the Office Manager and other office professionals with everyday tasks and exemplifies the Northwest way. She embodies the service standard, Servant’s Heart and is always a helping hand to everyone who needs it. She is there for anyone who needs her, even when she is dealing with personal setbacks.

Crystal is the mother to one daughter and a grand mother of a beautiful baby boy. She is also the foster mom to three deserving children. She also loves to learn and continue her education, as she has an associate degree, Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s in Business Administration.

“Crystal has been an outstanding teammate to our office staff as well as our teammates in the field.  She handles every detail with a smile and helpful spirit.  She has quickly established herself as a go to for our team.  She has learned some of the office managerial task and has helped to get our office more organized.  Thank You, Crystal!” – Bart Sloan, Service Center Manager

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Laurens, SC

Stephen has been apart of the Northwest Family for four years and began his career as a Termite Service Representative and then stepped into a Universal Pest Professional role. He is consistently pushed in his current role to exhibit what it means to live the Northwest ways. He also graduated from the Leadership Experience class and is using those skills learned to better himself and others.

Stephen exhibits the service standard, Initiative. He isn’t a big fan of the status quo and is constantly working to stay ahead of the curve and to be a bit better each day.

Stephen enjoys cooking and loves trying new food in his RecTec smoker.

“Stephen sets the standard for Northwest Exterminating.  He is always positive and upbeat, and he consistently performs at a high level.  He is highly thought of by his customers and his team.” – David Nelson, Service Center Manager

Lawn Care Team

Lawn Care Team

Lawn Care

The Lawn Care Team has been extraordinary this year and really show what it’s like to work in a team setting. They all exhibit the Culture service standard and always make sure everyone is on the same page and in a good place. Making sure each person is on track is important to the Lawn Care Team and they always put each other first.

The team is known for being lively and always enjoy their time spent with each other.

“This year was our hardest. We had 6 teammates leave between June and October which put a lot of stress on the team but even facing all that adversity we will have our best year ever. I’m super proud of our team for sticking it out together and finishing the year strong!” – Jarrod Willis, Service Center Manager

Adam Bailey

Adam Bailey

Lawrenceville, GA

Adam started his Northwest career at the Monroe location as a Universal Pest Professional and moved to the Lawrenceville branch as a Service Center Supervisor two years ago. Adam is the epitome of service standard, Brand Leader. He is always there to assist his team and the community. He is dedicated to making sure all work, customers and teammates are taken care of each day.

His hard work is appreciated by everyone around him, and it is noticed by all the technicians and staff in Lawrenceville.

Adam has a son that works in the Alpharetta office.

“He takes the lead on many things, knows when things should be handled and done in a timely manner.  When the Lawrenceville office lost employees in both fields during the span of 6 months, Adam took it upon himself to work with the guys, all while completing the work needed.  Never missing a beat.  Great teammate and future leader at Northwest.” – Drew Chaney, Service Center Manager

Alec Moran

Alec Moran

Macon, GA

Alec is a great leader to his Macon teammates and always find ways to help them in any way. He is the epitome of the service standard, Make a Difference. Alec is always looking for someone to help or someone in need. It’s an important part of his career at Northwest.

Alec has given four years to Northwest and has years of service prior for Barnes before the acquisition. He is a vital part of the growth and success in Macon as an Inspection Specialist and has dominated many goals made for himself and the team.

Alex is an avid disc golfer and is a huge Atlanta Falcons fan but won’t admit it.

“Alec is a great leader on our Macon Team and is a huge part of our success in Macon. I have enjoyed watching Alec grow as a NW man since the Barnes acquisition.” – Huey Hood, Service Center Manager

Emma Dover

Emma Dover

Marietta, GA

Emma has been with Northwest for two years as a Customer Service Representative and has exemplified the service standard, Servant’s Heart since then. She is always trying to find ways to make everyone’s tasks easier by resolving any issues that come up. Emma is passionate and driven in her career with Northwest and is an asset to the team.

Emma is all about getting to know you on all levels and has created a fun list of questions for new team members to fill out to make it easier to get to know everyone. She is a joy to work with and ensures tasks get done correctly and on time.

“Very passionate and customer service oriented which makes Emma very valuable.” – Tyrel Walker, Service Center Manager

Destiny Weathers

Destiny Weathers

Monroe, GA

Destiny began as a Customer Service Representative upon her hire date and has since then been promoted to Office Manager of the Monroe office. She has over time been a leader to her peers and has adapted well to the many challenges while learning the ins and out very quickly. She has embraced the Northwest Ways and values by serving the customers and teammates needs.

Destiny showcases the service standard, Initiative. She is always trying to grow herself and develop new ways to make daily operations run smoothly and more efficient. She continuously goes outside her comfort zone and learn new things on the field and in the office.

She is the daughter of Sabrina Kinney, who is the newly promoted Assistant Manager of the Lanier Service Center. The hard work must run in the family!

“Destiny is very dedicated to the Monroe team and serving their needs as well as ensuring the Northwest customers receive the best treatment possible.” – Andrew Carlyle, Service Center Manager

Ethan Edwards

Ethan Edwards

Murfreesboro, TN

Ethan has been a Service Technician for the past two years and has really shown how to live the Northwest way in a short time. He is dedicated to his position and even has the highest NPS score and the most surveys in the office.

Ethan embodies the service standard, Servant’s Heart. He showcases what it means to go above and beyond for customers and teammates.

Ethan loves to hunt and likes to eat a lot of Cracker Barrel.

“Ethan has always been a team player and is willing to help out the customers as well as the other teammates in the office if asked about anything. Ethan is very upbeat about his job and committed to doing what is right and putting the customer first and that shows in his NPS score.” – Billy Cox, Service Center Manager

Clinton Ford

Clinton Ford

Nashville/Hermitage, TN

Clinton has been with Northwest for eight years and was the Office Manager of HomeTeam Nashville before the merge with Northwest. He was also the Office Manager in Murfreesboro for three years before the office split. He is now the Office Manager of the Hermitage service center.

Clinton’s attitude is what helps get everyone through the day. His forward thinking about efficiencies was needed during the past 18 months of Covid-19, which has allowed for an easy transformation in the hybrid/remote roles.

Clinton does a great job at representing the service standard, Be Humble. He is always assisting his team members and never seeks recognition for his hard work. He is always focused on doing whatever it takes to get the job done and ensuring our customers are taken care of.

Clinton is an avid lover of snacks and memes.

“Clinton always brings a positive attitude to the office and has been an integral part of the success and growth Northwest has had in Middle Tennessee.” – Blake Southerland, Service Center Manager

James Roden

James Roden

Newnan, GA

James has been a part of Northwest for only a year but has made an impact in that short time. He is currently a Universal Pest Technician. James is loved by his customers and is a great teammate and the service standard that he lives by is Value People. At Northwest we recognize first and foremost that we are in the people business. We strive to treat people with kindness, compassion and care and James shows all of that.

Throughout his short time with Northwest, James has become our bed bug expert and has offered his services to help train his teammates. Everyone is proud of James’ accomplishments throughout his time here.

James is known for being quiet and getting his work done but is also known for being very funny.

“James is the silent warrior! Comes to work every day, makes his customers happy, all while flying below the radar.” – David Horn, Service Center Manager

Chris Black

Chris Black

Ooltewah, TN

Chris has been apart of the Northwest Family for 6 years and is currently an Inspection Specialist. He is a hard worker who is loved by his customers and teammates. He is always showing us how much he enjoys helping others and we appreciate it always.

Chris embodies the service standard, Doing What’s Right. He is always doing more than what’s expected to help his customers, even if it’s not in his job description. He assists customers in ways that help them, like bringing their trash can up or changing a light bulb.

In his free time, Chris enjoys hunting and fishing and being with family.

“Chris is a very respected guy; customers love him and his coworkers.” – Tim Rodgers, Service Center Manager

Kathy Kendrick

Kathy Kendrick

Peachtree Corners, GA

Kathy began her career with Northwest as a Customer Service Representative in the Buford office and has since then transferred to the Peachtree Corners office since it opened. Kathy is dedicated and always has a giving heart when it comes to the customers and her teammates.

Kathy possesses the service standard, Initiative. She is always looking for opportunities to help the office beyond her normal tasks, without being asked.

Kathy is known to really love to dance, and she even once had the opportunity to dance with Elvis in Vegas.

“Kathy is a very giving and kind person. Her dedication, organization, and willingness to help beyond her own duties are just a few things that make Kathy an outstanding teammate. Kathy has been working from home for almost 2 years now and that has not slowed her down. She continues to take the initiative to be her best and help others. Thank you, Kathy, for your dedication. You are a true gem!” – Deborah Givens, Service Center Manager

Justin Oliver

Justin Oliver

Savannah, GA

Justin began his career with Northwest as a Termite Service Representative in 2020 and in the summer of 2021 was promoted to Universal Pest Professional. He earned this award by working hard and being a leader since day one. He consistently exhibits Northwest standards, and his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Justin embodies the service standard, Be Humble. He goes to work with a positive attitude regardless of the workload for the day. His teammates recognize his hard work, but he doesn’t work hard for the recognition, he does it because of his humble character and leadership.

Justin was once on American Idol, and he even got his samurai sword autographed by Randy Jackson.

“Justin is a direct reflection of the NW ways everyday he comes to work.  He is highly respected and appreciated by his internal and external customers.  He doesn’t need words to be leader in the service center to hold his teammates accountable, he leads with his actions and the example he sets daily.  Our Savannah team is blessed to have him, and we appreciate all you do for our team and community!” – Bryan Bledsoe, Service Center Manager

Austin Partin

Austin Partin

Smyrna, GA

Austin has been a part of the Northwest Family for five years and has transitioned into a Service Technician, since then. He is a great teammate, continuously provides excellent service to his customers and embodies all the qualities that Northwest strives for.

The service standard that Austin portrays is, WOW with Pride and Professionalism. Austin works in an area that is no stranger to the Northwest services and he handles that with extraordinary care. He makes sure to always deliver amazing service to lifelong customers. He is endlessly proving how big of an asset he is to the Smyrna office.

“Austin is a very hard worker with a great attitude.  He comes in the morning with smile on his face and can-do attitude to provide extraordinary service for his customers in Smyrna.” – Jeff Hill, Service Center Manager

Kailee Wojnowski

Kailee Wojnowski

Stockbridge, GA

Kailee has been a member of the Northwest Family since July 2020 and has grown as a Customer Service Representative in the process. She has exemplified the service standard, Make it Better, throughout her time here. Kailee approaches each day with a new lens and is ready to make the new day better than the one before.

Her positive attitude is appreciated by the whole team and has helped them thrive throughout the past year. The team was able to navigate several obstacles due to Kailee’s work ethic and her consistency to be there for the team, as needed.

“Kailee pushes through uncomfortable obstacles, overcomes the unknown and grows not only as a team member but as a person.” – John Stephens, Service Center Manager

Logan Walker

Logan Walker

Tucker, GA

Logan has exceeded in the Northwest way since he began two and a half years ago. He currently works as a Universal Pest Professional and has shown that he cares about his role. He actively sought guidance from tenured teammates and has gathered useful information from them to make his work better.

He actively portrays the Initiative Service Standard. Logan is consistently seeking information to improve his work ability and he shares with other teammates what works and what doesn’t.

The first thing you will notice about Logan is his height. He’s 6 foot 10 and must duck to enter doorways.

“Logan is the perfect example of living the Northwest Way. No matter the time of day expect to see a welcome smile and caring attitude. He goes above and beyond every day to show what it means to provide an extraordinary experience for customers and teammates.” – Emily Garcia, Service Center Manager

Christian Davis

Christian Davis

Wildlife East

Christian has been with Northwest for only a year as a Wildlife Technician, but has already shown how he contributes beneficially to the team and company. He has been a big help to the team in all their endeavors and always steps up when needed. He is willing to do what it takes for the team to succeed.

The service standard that Christian exhibits the most is WOW with Pride and Professionalism. Christian always listens to people’s concerns and genuinely cares for all his teammates.

“Christian is honest and treats everyone with respect. I know when he is on the job it will be done to the best of his ability.” – Don Saladrigas, Service Center Manager

Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith

Wildlife North

Melissa began her career with Northwest in 2010 at the Newnan office and moved to Wildlife Smyrna in 2011. In 2015, she became the Office Manager for Wildlife North and has been here since. Melissa is considered the glue that keeps the office together. She is always making sure that the service professionals, office staff and everyone else have everything they need to provide the best customer service to our customers.

She is passionate in her job and embodies the service standard, Be Humble. She possesses a servant’s heart and is compassionate towards everyone she meets. She is kindhearted and is an inspiration to everyone in her daily life.

“Melissa is the queen of multi-tasking! She not only can juggle her family life with 3 boys but can also keep our office running like a well-oiled machine. She stays on top of everything that we need in our branch to keep it running smoothly as possible every day.” – Rob Bounds, Service Center Manager

Ronnie Partain

Ronnie Partain

Wildlife Smyrna

Ronnie began his career with Northwest in 2017 as a Service Technician and has remained a loyal part of the team since then. He is always exhibiting an extraordinary attitude and work ethic every time he steps into work. He assists in more ways than none and is always there to lend a working hand.

Ronnie portrays the service standard, Servant’s Heart. He is always looking for ways to help his teammates and the community. He is always ready to jump headfirst into any volunteer opportunities that pop up.

Ronnie is very invested in his Jeep and often goes to Jeep shows in his free time.

“Ronnie has become such a valuable part of our team and family. He is always there to lend a hand to anyone, no matter the task at hand. He is the first one to tell you good morning and always wants to see if there is anything he can do to help you. We are extremely fortunate to have a person like him on our team.” – Ashley Wright, Office Manager


With all we do, begin and end with the customer in mind.


In every situation, we can choose to do the right thing.


Put others first in everything we do.


Always go beyond what is usual or ordinary. Make a difference.


Continue to grow and pursue excellence in all we do. We see the value of progressive thinking, developing and innovating, and embracing change.


We have service centers throughout Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina.


Service Centers: M-F 7:30AM - 5:30PM, Sat 9AM - 1PM
Customer Care:  M-F 6:30AM - 6:30PM, Sat 9AM - 1PM


CALL (888) 466-7849


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