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Wholesale Planters and Pots

We carry a great selection of wholesale planters and pots. We also dropship any of our planters and pots products right to your customer, with no dropshipping fees. The products listed below is our current inventory of planters and pots. Register or login to start using us as your product supplier for these items or for more information on our dropshipping program, please visit our home page.

Neutral Garden Dangling Mini Pots
Item #: 4506333    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $13.26
White Wash Terracotta Dangling Mini Pots
Item #: 4506331    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $13.26
Blue Tones Dangling Mini Pots
Item #: 4506335    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $13.26
White Wash Galvanized Bucket Plant Stand Set/2
Item #: 4506329    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $56.36
Designer Trio Ceramic Plant Pots
Item #: 10019061    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $39.38
Country Apple Plant Stand Set
Item #: 10018971    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $50.36
Galvanized Bucket Planter Duo
Item #: 10018859    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $51.45
Floral Nights Ceramic Planter Set
Item #: 10018723    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $37.80
Ocean Breeze Ceramic Planter Set
Item #: 10018724    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $35.70
Duo Blue Tone Planter Trio
Item #: 10018822    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $32.55
Vintage Bicycle Plant House
Item #: 10018794    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $58.76
Red Truck Solar Light Planter
Item #: 10018788    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $39.69
Windmill Plant Stand
Item #: 10018767    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $54.60
Curlicue Single Plant Stand
Item #: 10018744    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $23.63
Tricycle 3-tier Plant Stand
Item #: 10018741    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $45.32
3-tier Barrel Bucket Plant Stand
Item #: 10018721    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $59.85
Tuscany Wicker Plant Stand
Item #: 10018732    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $52.50
Earth-tone Trim Planter Trio
Item #: 10018507    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $35.18
Bucket Plant Stand Set
Item #: 10018491    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $33.60
Rustic Antique Truck Planter
Item #: 10018409    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $12.08
Wagon Wheel Barrel Planter Display
Item #: 10018435    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $90.83
Zigzag Pallet Plant Stand
Item #: 10018436    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $35.36
White Spiral Showcase Plant Stand
Item #: 10017947    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $41.06
Ocean Blue Planter Trio
Item #: 10017541    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $32.55
White Bicycle Planter
Item #: 10018026    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $22.45
Staircase Plant Stand
Item #: 10015964    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $48.30
Bicycle Planter
Item #: 10016041    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $44.10
Hourglass Iron Plant Stand For Three Plants
Item #: 10015848    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $35.70
Corner Plant Pot Basket Holder
Item #: 10015487    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $29.93
Metal Corner Shelf
Item #: 10015469    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $58.80
Country Barrel Planters Set
Item #: 15114    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $60.90
Rustic Triple Planter Stand
Item #: D1091    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $36.75
Cobalt Planters Trio
Item #: 13368    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $33.08
Jade Planters Trio
Item #: 13367    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $33.60
Bicycle Plant Stand
Item #: 13185    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $25.20
Jewel-tone Flower Pot Trio
Item #: 38899    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $33.08
Dangling Mini Pots
Item #: 37733    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $11.03
Verdigris Garden Centerpiece
Item #: 12967    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $32.55
Country Apple Plant Stand
Item #: 39857    Brand: Accent Plus  
Gold Price: $29.93
4-tier Plant Stand Screen
Item #: 31339    Brand: Summerfield Terrace  
Gold Price: $26.78

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